Dennis Petersen

Dennis is the first German kitesurfer to join the North Kiteboarding Team, which is partly due to his ambitious kite loops. These are his great passion and he has big plans for them. At the moment, Dennis is preparing for mega-loops with suitable conditions and is constantly improving his freestyle skills all over the world. His big goal is Red Bull King of the Air in South Africa. He trains hard for this and is constantly developing. In addition to Mega Loops, he also rides in the German Freestyle Championship series and takes part in more GKA Freestyle events every year. Besides the events, projects such as jumps from high buildings in or over water are on his list. Bit by bit he is making a name for himself in the German but also international kite scene. Follow Dennis` jump into the world elite of kite sports on Instagram.



| Participation and 6th Place Big Air Kite League Competition Tatajuba Brazil
| 70m Tow Up Fehmarn Germany


| 3. Place Kitesurfmasters Freestyle
| Podium in the Slalom


| Winner Seaman Race Hamata